Our Story

Our Passion, Expertise and Promise

Mika & Liam

Our Passion

We, at Liam Mika, are passionate about diamonds and love what we do. We understand that shopping for diamonds can be confusing and intimidating. With us, you have a personal guide, coach, and dedicated partner in the diamond industry. Our expert Diamond Concierge team will collaborate with you on a piece that distinctly represents your unique relationship. Our crafters have a passion for the process and a commitment to customer service you won’t find anywhere else.

Together, we’ll create something amazing!

Our Lineage: We are Diamond Experts

We’ve been doing this for awhile. Over generations, we’ve established relationships with trusted partners in countries like India, Belgium, and Israel. Our expert diamond buyers handpick every single diamond. You’ll work directly with us—zero middlemen—meaning no extra fees passed onto you.

Our direct connection to manufacturers also means stellar transparency allowing you to trace every diamond straight back to the source. Rest assured that our diamonds originate from ethically and environmentally responsible sources.

Our Promise

Who doesn’t want an all-star on their side? Our Diamond Concierge team are masters in the industry they love. Professional yet unpretentious, we promise top-notch quality and tremendous value. You’ll never compromise here.

Our mission is to seamlessly navigate you through the entire collaboration process as we create that final, gorgeous piece together. Before you know it, bring home a one-of-a-kind irreplaceable heirloom ready to be shown off for a lifetime. We’ll accept no less than total satisfaction and strive to become your diamond partner for life.


Can’t make it to SF?


Live on the other side of the planet?


Crazy schedule?

No problem. We let nothing get in the way of our partnership. We fully embrace the ability to work with amazing clients far and wide. So, whether we meet face-to-face or by jumping on video chat—let’s get started today!